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1. change the typeface

Especially with longer texts that you have been working on for a while and that you have repeatedly read through and revised, you tend to overlook mistakes. Here->https://editius.com/paper-editor/ a simple trick helps. To make the text seem new and to make mistakes stand out more, it may be worth changing the font and using Arial instead of Calibri, for example. Of course, it is also possible to change the font size or color.

2. do not proofread immediately

It is advisable not to start proofreading immediately after writing an advertising text, a newsletter .... Instead, take a breather, drink some tea, walk around the neighborhood, or even let the text rest for a whole day (or a little longer). You will notice mistakes with https://editius.com/proofreading-services/ more quickly if you are no longer "caught up" in the subject.

3. print the text

Some people also find it helpful to print out their own text and start correcting it with a red pen. This technique is recommended especially for people who are too easily distracted on the screen and frequently look at their e-mails, surf social networks, chat, etc. while working on the PC.

4. make at least two passes

After the first proofread, if the deadline allows, I leave my text for another day before finally reading it through at least once more. If time is of the essence, I do the second pass immediately; for difficult texts, I even schedule a third pass.

5 Four eyes see more than two

If you have people in your environment who are confident in style and spelling, and for whom punctuation and sentence structure are not foreign words, you should submit your text to https://editius.com/academic-proofreading/. Four eyes see more than two! However, it makes little sense to rely on friends, acquaintances, etc. who tend to struggle with German. Especially with academic papers, such as bachelor theses, doctoral dissertations, etc., and with advertising texts, you should rely on a real expert. Often, laymen only notice very gross errors, as was the case, for example, with the husband of a friend, whom she had asked to help her correct the texts for a promotional video. The result was subtitles full of spelling mistakes, punctuation violations and a lot of slang ...

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