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What Type of Dental Fillings Are Most Suited for You?

Dental Fillings are material that can be used when a patient has cavities in their teeth. When the infected tooth is cleaned by the dentist, he must fill the space which was decayed and removed from the tooth. This part must be restored with some filling material so that the tooth can again look whole and start working. The material that is used to fill the dental cavity is called dental filling or just ‘filling’. Fillings are routinely used for broken or chipped teeth and worn-down teeth which have been misused. When you get your cavity cleaned by the dentist, the next step is to fill the cavity with some filling material. The dentist will already have decided with your consultation on what kind of filling he is going to use to fill the cavity. You must decide which filling to be used when he presents the available choices to you. There are many kinds of filling materials available to choose from. The major choices are gold, porcelain, silver amalgam, composite resin, and tooth coloured plastic. There is also glass ionomer filling available. You must choose the material with the dentist’s recommendation which suits you best. The choice of material for fillings depends on how big a budget you have for the work to be done, where is the decayed tooth located in the mouth, how much material is going to be used which in turn depends on the extent of the damage done to the tooth, and your preference for the look of the filling. The dentist will explain the types of fillings available, their pros and cons and the cost. Gold fillings The advantage of the gold filling is its durability. It can withstand chewing pressures quite well, therefore are quite durable. It does not corrode and may last for more than 15 years. Some people like the look of gold better than silver amalgam. Gold is very expensive, and gold fillings cost considerably more than other fillings, almost 10 times more. They also stand out because of its colour and do not look natural. Gold also requires more than one visit to the office. If you have silver amalgam in another tooth, then gold will react with the metal in the other filling and may produce a galvanic shock. Silver fillings Silver amalgam fillings are quite durable fillings preferred by many people over other fillings because it is not expensive and is very durable. It can withstand the pressure of chewing quite well and stays in place for long duration. Silver fillings are silver grey in colour and do not match the rest of the teeth and stand out when visible. The silver amalgam fillings, like all other fillings, expand and contract with hot and cold foods, causing the tooth to develop cracks over time. Some people about 1 % of people are allergic to mercury which is present in the silver amalgam. It is best to check beforehand whether you are not allergic to mercury. Composite fillings (tooth coloured) These fillings are matched to the colour of your teeth, and look natural, that is why these are preferred when the dentist must work with the front or visible parts of the teeth. These are materials that bond very well with surrounding part of the tooth. This material is also suited for chipped or cracked teeth. This is very versatile material which bonds well with the tooth, therefore can be filled in smaller space in the tooth, more part of need not be scrapped to fill in this filling. The composite fillings are not very durable and wear out faster than amalgam fillings. They are not strong and cannot take pressure of chewing like amalgam fillings. They take longer to apply and require more visits to the dentist office if they are used for inlays or on lays. Sometimes composites chip off depending on the location of the restoration. Composite fillings are more expensive than amalgam fillings. Ceramics These are mainly made from porcelain. It looks very much like our natural teeth and is very hard like our teeth. Since they can be moulded and can be filled in, many people like to use this material. The look of natural teeth is one factor among others to choose porcelain over other choices. People who are very image conscious and are related to professions where they must come in front of people very often, prefer porcelain more than other people. Porcelain is as durable as gold and is longer lasting compared to composite resin. Glass ionomer Glass ionomer are fillings which are made of special glass material and acrylic. This filling is used below the gumline. It requires drilling. Many dentists prefer this filling for children. Glass ionomers work with releasing fluoride, which helps in protecting teeth from further decay. This material is not as strong as composite resin. It is also less durable, and weaker, and get fractures easily. The new products of glass ionomers are made stronger and will last as much as composites. Choosing the right dental filling option When you must choose for yourself, you need to discuss, options with your dentist. Consider dental sensitivity and allergies to filling material, when you choose a filling, it is very important to discuss with your dentist about all the allergies that you have had with any substance. The dentist will have you checked for any allergies for your chosen material from your physician. Allergies are not common for gold and silver. But mercury in the silver amalgam may trigger allergic reaction in some patients. If you are found to be allergic to mercury, then other options will have to be considered. The cost of fillings is also one of the major factors to be considered. It is best to be open and let the dentist know how much you can spend on fillings. Find out about your insurance coverage and confirm the same.

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