5 Ways To Improve Home and Asset Security in a Residential Area

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In a world full of risk, the only place we feel safe is in our home. Your home is a sanctuary and a castle. This is the only place where we control who comes in and goes out. However, most people are casual about the safety of their home, its infrastructure and its assets. They tend to feel a false sense of security and, therefore, neglect the necessary safety precautions needed to maintain a home's security in terms of its infrastructure and personal belongings.
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posted on, 23 Feb 2022

Most people will wait till only when their home has been burgled, flooded or their circuits fried by lightning before they will begin to take home and asset security seriously.

At this time it is too late, the treasures and family objects have been stolen, the pipes have burst and destroyed a room and your family is left feeling hurt and vulnerable.

Even if you live in a stellar location of the city, you can still be a target or a victim of theft, power surges, accidental or deliberate damage and more. So, we have to protect our homes.

This applies, not only to our valuables but to the utilities such as power and plumbing that run our home.

Today there are multiple ways you can secure your home and its assets, and options are sometimes irresistible when looking for ways to increase your family's safety. Below we will discuss a few options you can use to better secure your home in a residential area.

Get a theft alarm

A simple alarm that sounds when an unauthorised person tries to enter your home is an excellent first step to prevent theft and vandalism.

A signal is enough to discourage even the smartest thief. Police report that anti-theft alarms avoid more than half of all burglary attempts at home. Various warnings are available on the market.

Security cameras

Security cameras are becoming very popular these days. They come in many shapes and sizes. Wired types can fit in clocks, loudspeakers and even lamps.

Wireless security cameras have a much higher advantage due to their flexibility, and they can be set up almost anywhere.

Wireless monitors and cameras are a great addition to every home because they can be placed on areas that the burglar would not even notice. You will want them wherever you have critical assets such as doors, windows, additional buildings or critical electrical or water supplies.

Automated Cutt-Off for Utilities

Being able to have the power disconnected and devices protected during a storm, or water fittings and fixtures shut down in case of a burst main or water supply is also a good way to guard your home.

For emergency plumbing, speak ot a local plumber who can assist you set up a system that protects your assets in case of a crisis (see reference for more information). Discuss the options of installing burst pipe protection for your home. Ask your eletrcician about circuit breakers and fuse switches for your power.

Doors and locks

If you own a house, be sure to invest in a metal door for your home. Also, make sure that you have good deadbolt locks, a significant door lock with a dead latch mechanism, and a strike plate that locks into the frame.

Whenever you move to a house or apartment, be sure to change the door lock or, if you are renting as a live-in tenant, talk to your landlord to do so.

Lightning Bolt

It is good to have external illumination with motion detectors, especially at the back of your home, to help deter the intruder. A well-lit terrace will make your home to be less of a target. It is also wise to have lights on timers that indicate the house is occupied when you are away at night or for a long time.

Install additional smoke detectors

Many homes have one smoke detector but do not realise the alarm is unnecessary in the event fire breaks out in the closed part of the house.

So it’s essential you install additional smoke detectors in your home. As with home alarm systems, smoke detectors are economical and simply require battery maintenance. They are not expensive either.