Advertising Options

National Directory is an Australian based business directory.

We offer Australian businesses the opportunity to create either a Basic Listing or a Standard Listing.

The options differ according to what is included as well as preference within search results and exposure on other pages within the website including Latest Listings.

The Basic Listing ($19.00 includes GST)

This option is good as NAP citation for your business. NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. It's a critical factor in local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and influences which companies Google and other search engines show for local intent searches. People often refer to occurrences of NAP data around the web as citations.

The Standard Listing ($29.00 includes GST)

This Listing allows you to publish more unique content about your business which is also good for SEO purposes.

Please see the following example of a Basic Listing:

Basic  Listing
Basic Listing

Please see the following example of a Standard Listing including how it is displayed in search results:

Standard Listing
Standard Listing
Sponsored  Standard Listing
Sponsored Standard Listing

Blog Articles

Publication is a Do It Yourself (DIY) service for only AUD$10 per post. Payment is however required prior to posting. Just click "Add Article" on this page

We offer for $10 per article the following:

  • Do-follow link available
  • Permanent post available
  • Broad range of topic - see below Content Guidelines

Article Guidelines

1. Content must be unique, relevant, engaging and useful to our audience ideally with a focus on Australian businesses or consumers.

2. Duplicate content is not allowed. The content should be Genuine and original i.e. not copied from any other website or Blog. Further, you should not reproduce the same article somewhere else after you have published it on National Directory.

3. We accept easy writing style and disclosures, or sponsored tags are not mentioned. Examples include Blog format content in the form of hints and tips, real-life experiences and stories, how-to and tutorial posts, and other types of informative content.

4. Minimum word count –700 words.

5. Content must be well-written in plain English and grammatically correct with a high level of readability. Any content that requires a significant level of editorial intervention will be rejected.

6. We only publish content that meets our quality guidelines and standards. We do not accept the following content: Adult/ mature or offensive, violent, racist, job postings or property listings.

7. All headings and subheadings must be in sentence case. Submissions must include one main heading/title (H1) followed by subheading (H2) and additional headings (H3). Bullet point lists are encouraged where appropriate.

8. You can include only one (1) appropriate royalty-free and high-resolution image. Any copyrighted images will not be accepted.

9. We reserve the right to edit any content to bring it into line with National Directory editorial guidelines.

10. Publication is a Do It Yourself (DIY) service for only AUD$10 per post. Payment is however required prior to posting. Just click "Add Article" on this page

11. Please do not immediately close PayPal window after submitting PayPal transaction. Let PayPal update our site and wait for blog creation confirmation.

12. After payment has been successful you can edit your blog by visiting "Guest Blogs" link on the left hand navigation.

Linking Guidelines

1. We allow one follow link per blog post. Links should be relevant and anchor text should be a clear and natural phrase, not spammy keywords or location anchors.

2. Content should also include one reference link from an authoritative website like Wikipedia, Web MD, Forbes, TechCrunch etc.