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The Latest Hair Trends In The Fashion Industry

As a new season approaches, we may expect to see even more people visiting their favourite hairstylists on a regular basis. If there's ever a time to change up your look, it's at the start of a new season.

In this article, we will discuss the latest hair trends. Read on!

1. Hair foils

Foil highlights are ideal for drastic hair colour changes, such as colouring your hair at least four shades lighter. If you want to have your hair highlighted and lowlighted, foils are the ideal option. Because foils are so easily customisable, many stylists use them to meet the needs of their clientele.

Foils, in essence, act as dividers between your new and old colours. Your hairdresser will apply either a bleach to lighten or a dye to darken your strands. With the numerous ways available, your foil highlights can be as wide as you want.

When your hairdresser applies the dye to the sections, they can also brush near the root without touching your skin, lowering the possibility of irritation. Now, does this sound inviting?

2. Extremely short hair

This trendy hairstyle falls between a buzz cut and the "big cut" (more on that later). It's short and great for all hair types, and it looks especially gorgeous on coily hair.

The face becomes the centre with this low-maintenance haircut.

3. The Bixie

Back in the 1990s, two legendary short haircuts ‘gave birth’ to the bixie. The cut has evolved and become more modern. A bixie is a combination of a pixie cut and a bob cut. It's a shaggy bob with layers for dimension and texture.

The look is slicked back and finished with a cheeky little flip at the nape of the neck. Florence Pugh, Ciara, and Kelly Rowland have all tried the cut, providing a style possibilities to add to your repertoire if you ever decide to go for it.

4. 1950s greaser look

This is a more modern twist on the '50s greaser and works well on thick, textured hair. Why it's excellent for spring: it's a true wash-and-go cut that's perfect for warmer, humid weather. Ask your stylist for lean and soft sides with length and volume on top.

Before we end…

It's no surprise that many people want to get the most wear out of their hair. Whether you want a significantly different new spring haircut or simply some minor trendy touch-ups to your present style, stylists are happy to share their views of what hair salon trends will look like in the next few years.

223 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst SYDNEY, New South Wales 2010

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