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Konnecting offers intergrated recruitment, immigration and settlement solutions to connect Australian employers with skilled overseas staff. Having worked previously in industries with skills shortages, the founders of Konnecting experienced first hand the difficulties of sourcing skilled staff from overseas. From the Australian visa application process to the recruitment to assisting migrants with settling in, hiring staff from overseas can be a complicated, costly and disruptive process for a business. Konnecting can help businesses by streamlining this process to make it more efficient and less costly. We work with Australian companies to source the best talent from around the world and help both you and the migrant worker manage the transition. Our registered migration agents can assist you with your visa requirements, such as those for the Sponsored 457 Visa, and help you to manage your obligations as an employer of temporary migrants.

We understand how important it is to attract the very best talent to your organisation. Many industries in Australia are still experiencing talent shortages and are looking outside the Australian labour market to recruit quality staff. Konnecting specialise in the recruitment of skilled overseas workers and can assist your company with recruitment, selection, sponsorship, settlement assistance and support of permanent or temporary migrants.


Konnecting can access highly qualified candidates from around the world. Our recruitment team is experienced in verifying overseas qualifications, reference checking and interviewing migrant candidates to ensure they best suit your organisation's needs.

Migration Assistance
Employing skilled oversees staff doesn't need to be complicated or expensive. Konnecting is an integrated recruitment and migration company, so our in-house registered migration agents can take the hassle out of visa applications and employer nominations. Furthermore, Konnecting has a database of fully qualified skilled migrants from a range of fields whose visas are already being processed.

Settlement Assistance
Konnecting can offer your organisation ongoing support with settling new overseas staff. Australian employers hiring staff on temporary visas have unique obligations which we can assist you with. Our experience employing and recruiting skilled migrants allows us to assist you with everything from housing and insurance to reporting obligations.

Konnecting also offers settlement assistance to all the skilled migrants we recruit, ensuring that your new employee adapts more quickly to their new role.

If you would like to find out more about how Konnecting can help you recruit migrant staff, please contact us.

Suite 1406, Level 14, 447 Kent Street SYDNEY,
New South Wales 2000

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