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Pre-Employment Medicals
Pre-Employment Medicals With a Difference According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), each year, more than half a million people experience a work-related injury or illness. The most common cause of injury or illness was from ‘lifting, pushing, pulling or bending’. The ABS provides the following key facts around workplace injury statistics: 563,600 people had a work-related injury or illness (4.2% of people who worked at some time during the year). The most common cause of injury or illness was 'Lifting, pushing, pulling or bending' (24.2%). 60% had time off as a result of the injury or illness. 27% received workers compensation for the injury or illness. As injured employees can result in numerous lost hours and place a financial burden on your business, it has become more common for employers to assess whether a potential candidate is physically suitable for the role. This evaluation is conducted externally through the means of a pre-employment medical. A pre-employment ... Read More
Feel the Essence of Luxury with Glass Bath Shower Screen
The use of glass in the bathroom for aesthetic purposes has revolutionised the way people construct their homes, especially the bathroom. Bath shower screen made of glass and frameless ones are highly fashionable and make the room feel airy. The transparent nature of glass removes any feeling of suffocation and makes one feel refreshed. Not just the frameless ones but even the framed ones are quite excellent and are widely found in today’s homes. One can purchase shower doors in Melbourne from reputed brands and generally, these suppliers also offer a host of other products essential for increasing the aesthetic appeal of a house. Wardrobes likewise have evolved over the years and in recent times are a style statement of the house owner. Many in recent times are moving towards framed doors in wardrobe due to the number of customisations offered. A Glimpse of the Options Available Under Glass Showers Framed Shower: - In this case, the door is framed and is quite a popular choice and is ... Read More
Progen Building Group
Progen Building Group is a Perth-based design and construction company that provides professional and quality building services for residential, commercial, and development sectors. With over 50 years of collective experience in the industry, Progen Building Group delivers streamlined, cost-effecting, and high-standard building processes. With a focus on client satisfaction and exceptional results, you can expect Progen Building Group to exceed your expectations. For reliable, experienced, and genuine construction and design services, get in touch toda Read More
Why Are Melbourne Shades the Best Choice for Covering Your Outdoor Space?
The Melbourne shades are becoming an amazing choice for shade sails as they are able to blend seamlessly in the natural surroundings. There is a wide choice of application, whether you need a retractable shade for your outdoor area or you want to add some ambiance and value to your home. Shade sails for school and student housing are becoming a popular option for the landscaping and decorating industry. These shades have been designed, sized, and tested to work with your setup. They are suitable for many different situations like for use in commercial and office buildings, school or college housing, museums, and parks. The Benefits of a Shade Sail are as Followed: 1) Provides protection from the sun 2) Save Money - Save Energy – Save the Environment 3) They are extremely easy to install 4) It is a versatile option whether you want a permanent solution or a removable shade you can achieve this with a shade sail. They come in some amazing sizes and patterns that will suit your needs, ... Read More
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In Melbourne Shades Sails for Schools can be customised – Ask Suppliers Now!
No one can bear the direct sunlight in summer, be it a human or metal-made machine. Everyone looks to stay under shade to stay calm and cool. Although trees are the best sources of shade still people have to install Melbourne shades in human interference areas such as backyards, driveways, car parking, and swimming pool. Various reputed manufacturers are making colourful shade sails for schools, homes, and commercial uses. Schoolyard should be a protective environment where children can play and enjoy their gatherings. Shade sails are great choices to provide safeguarding against sun damage and shower as well. Under the shelter children will definitely find a comfortable space to play, run, laugh and express. What types of shades can be used in a schoolyard? Traditional Shapes – You can choose from the regular triangle and square shapes for your open play areas, patio, or outdoor spaces. These are the default sail shades that are used in common areas be it home, caryards, driveways or ... Read More