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Fitting Skirting Boards

Skirting boards are a great way to finish off a room. They have a practical purpose, of course, to hide the gap between the floor and plastered wall and to protect that area. They stop the vacuum cleaner banging into the wall, stop scuff marks and so on. They also though can be a way to finish off how a room looks. You can keep them neutral but you can also make them stand out depending on what you want to achieve. There are some very good skirting boards installation services you can turn to when you want them fitted. Here is a look at how to fit skirting boards in your home.

Start by removing the old skirting boards

The first thing that needs to happen if you are not using a skirting boards installation services is to remove the old skirting. This is a simple process and just requires basic tools like a crowbar, chisel, and hammer. Occasionally you might reach a more stubborn section. This could be because it was fixed with screws or nails. Sometimes those are visible so just remove them and you can get the board off. If not you might need to use a bit more brute force.

Prepare the new skirting boards

Next, it is time to get the new skirting boards ready to be fastened on. The sections that are going to be meeting at corners will need to be prepared. The current angle of their corners will need to be a mire cut to 45 degrees. You can buy mitre blocks so that the cuts you make are perfectly accurate if you want to. Or you can use a mitre box as that gives more control when cutting. This way you can get the best skirting boards for your home.

Also, check for anywhere there is uneven flooring as that could mean there are gaps beneath that do not look good. Mark the board and then cut it so that it follows where the floor runs, if needed you can use small wedges of wood under the board until it levels out again. Check that the new boards are the same height as the old ones so that there is no new gap that you will then have to fill in.

Fastening the skirting board to the wall

When looking at how to fit skirting boards it is important at the fastening stage to use a grab adhesive if you are going to be varnishing or staining the boards. If you are putting the boards into a stud petition wall though they can be nailed on. If the room is long, or it is a hallway you are fixing skirting to, there will need to be a joint before you reach a corner. Hold the board against the wall and make the necessary marking.


Getting the best skirting boards for your home is a great way to perfectly finish a room while protecting that section of the wall. Most people have some basic tools nowadays and it is a fairly easy task. However, if you are not sure about the process and want a craftsman to take care of it, so that you can feel sure of the results look for skirting boards installation services in your areas.

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