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Are You Reinventing The Wheel?

In this age of information overload, it’s hard to know how to get your business distinguished from the pack. If you want to be success-beyond-your-wildest dreams, or successful enough to be able to afford some of your dreams, you need to be noticed, individualised, and valued more than your competition.

Differentiation and brand value escalation are the keys to reaching your goals and dreams.

How to turn those keys? If you are a small business owner, chances are that you have thought about this before, or … you never stop thinking about it.

Entrepreneurs are faced with the same dilemma every day: how to do EVERYTHING well.

Being the best at any one thing requires attention to excellence and detail. That requires intense focus. Focus requires narrowing the scope of activity to a concentrated, intensified range for long enough to accomplish something qualitatively better than that of the competition.

The problem with that kind of commitment to excellence is that it requires taking that focus off of other things long enough to complete a given task.

The questions then arise: What are you going to not focus on while you concentrate on the most important thing? And … just what is the most important thing? What is second most important? And what is important after that, and after that?

Clearly, the successful entrepreneur is one who can prioritize tasks and successfully juggle multiple projects, all of which may be of equal importance.

Most small business owner/operators are equal parts CEO, CFO, Manager of Personnel, Customer Service, Production, Delivery, Collections, etc. If you, as the visionary entrepreneur and founder of your company can manage to focus on half of the things that you’re responsible for, you’re doing a great job.

To deal with this problem, as soon as financially possible, most small businesses hire people with specialties and talents in the various departments that the founder may be lacking in or just not have time for. That frees up the founder to focus his or her attention on the things that they are really good at, so as to improve the heart and soul of the company.

One reason for hiring specialised people is so that resources are not wasted “reinventing the wheel”, as it were. Almost everything that needs to be done in regards to operating and growing a business have already perfected to a very high degree of efficiency and quality. Incorporating those accomplishments into your own business practices will save you time and money.

Most entrepreneurs started their business out of the passion they had for creating or doing something that they loved. The marketing of that passion was probably not part of the original skillset that drove them to excel in their field. That explains why marketing is often not something that they are naturally skilled at.

Marketing is one of those chores which is necessary, but not altogether fun, per se. Nonetheless, marketing is a field that has a long history of practice, study, research, and evolution to the point that one could legitimately call it a science or art.

One could spend a lifetime studying marketing theory and practice to gain the expertise needed to make their company rise to the top of the business world.

But if you did that you wouldn’t have time to focus on the passion that is the heart of your business. Which is why you need to hire someone with experience and expertise to help you design a marketing strategy and take care of the nuts-and-bolts part of implementing that strategy.

Print marketing and copywriting are vital parts of your marketing strategy. Both printing and writing are highly developed skills that require years of study and experience in which to acquire a high degree of expertise.

Even the exceptional small business owner doesn’t have time to get good at those things. They need to reach out to those professionals who have already attained the skills and talents necessary to perform the desired tasks and streamline the work required to achieve the marketing goals that involve printing and writing.

Not Just A Copy Shop is the “go-to”, one-stop resource that you’re looking for when it comes to print-based, physical marketing.

We are experts in the organisation and economizing of the printing process, and the implementation of a marketing strategy that involves writing, graphic creation, publishing, timing, and delivery.

You, the passion-filled entrepreneur, shouldn’t have to waste your time learning how to create and execute a graphic marketing plan. Let someone with a passion for graphic arts and marketing do that for you.

The professionals at Not Just A Copy Shop will take care of this end of your business plan, so that you are free to focus on your core responsibilities for the future of your company.

Call in and see us, call us, or send us an email so we can begin a dialog with you about how to make you successful on every level of your endeavor.

Not Just A Copy Shop is your print marketing expert. We offer different levels of creative assistance at reasonable rates to help you market your business through creative writing and design.

When it’s time to plan and produce your print marketing strategy, or any printable item you need, check out our Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans. Decide which plan is best for your business, whatever stage you may be in, and let’s start printing!

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